Domain Name

When you or a designer designs ands builds a website for your company you will start to hear domain a lot as this is the name of your website its what you want to name your website and what you want people to type into google to find your website. The domain is what come after @ in an email address or after www. in a website address. When a customer would ask you how to find your website you would tell them your domain name.

Here are some examples of some domain names :

When you create your domain name you will have to purchase the domain name and also register it then you will own the domain name. you will have to pick a name thats not already been picked.

URL (universal Recourse Locator)

A URL is the complete website address. you will use the web address to find the webpage your looking for. The domain name is just the name of the website and not the the whole web address. You will need to bare in mind that a URL and a Domain name are not the same thing as ive just stated above. Every URL will contain a domain name along with the other components of the web address.

Here are some examples of URLs:


When you have piurchased a domain name this does not mean you have a website. Your domain is just the name of your website. A URL is how to find a website and a website is what people view and interact with. When you have purchased your domain name you will still need to build the website. In a more technical term a website is a collection of content on multiple pages that is all grouped together under the same domain. To create your website or for somone to create you a website you will need a few things:

  1. A domain name
  2. A domain registrar and host
  3. A do-it-yourself website builder, like Word press
  4. Digital content: the text, images, videos and other media that visitors will see when they come to your site

Domain Registrar 

The domain registrar is the company that sells you your domain name that isnt owned by somone else and is available for you to register. A search on a domain registrars page will tell you if the domain name is available to you and how much it will cost you to own.

DNS Host

The DNS host is the company that manages tour domains configuration (DNS recource records). This makes sure that your domain name points directly to your website and email. You will find most domain hosts. will offer you domain name registration.